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Ei Or En In Norwegian?


Introduction You might have discovered that books and texts don’t are consequent on the usage of the Norwegian articles ei and en when referring to Norwegian nouns. You might for instance see in one text that a girl is being written as …

Indefinite And Definite Articles In Norwegian


Introduction This article is about indefinite and definite articles in Norwegian. After reading this article you will know what the difference is between indefinite and definite articles, the most common Norwegian articles (or determiners), and how to use them correctly …

Norwegian Personal Pronouns


Introduction We have learned some basic Norwegian vocabulary in the previous lessons, but we don’t know how to make a sentence in Norwegian yet. Let’s change that. Before we are able to make any sentences, it’s very important that we …

How To Inflect Norwegian Adjectives


Introduction You have already learned how to inflect Norwegian nouns. This article will show you how to inflect Norwegian adjectives. Video about Norwegian Adjectives If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, you can watch our video on …

How To Inflect Norwegian Nouns


Norwegian genders This article shows you how to inflect Norwegian nouns. You have already learned how to conjugate Norwegian verbs, so it’s time to look at the inflection of Norwegian nouns. The inflection of nouns in the Norwegian language depends on …

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