Norwegian Personal Pronouns


We have learned some basic Norwegian vocabulary in the previous lessons, but we don’t know how to make a sentence in Norwegian yet. Let’s change that. Before we are able to make any sentences, it’s very important that we learn the Norwegian personal pronouns. In this lesson you will learn what a personal pronoun is, what the Norwegian personal pronouns are and listen to how they are pronounced.


What is a personal pronoun?

Easy explanation: personal pronouns are words we use to describe people instead of using their names. Examples of this in the English language are: I, you, he, she, me and so on.

Norwegian personal pronouns

Below you can see two tables of the personal pronouns in Norwegian. Click on the audio players if you want to listen to how a native Norwegian pronounces the words.


I jeg
you du
he han
she hun
we  vi
you  dere
they de


me meg
you deg
him han/ham
her henne
us oss
you dere
them dem


We have now learned the Norwegian personal pronouns. This is very important, so I recommend staying on this page and memorizing the words. Listen closely to the pronunciation of the pronouns and try to pronounce the words yourself.

Now we know the personal pronouns in Norwegian and some basic vocabulary, but we still don’t know how to make a sentence… Don’t worry though – we’ll get there soon! Let’s have a look at Norwegian verbs and learn how they work.

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