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Welcome to Learn Norwegian Naturally’s website about the Norwegian language and Norway!

Peder On this website you can easily learn Norwegian, explore Norwegian grammar, watch Norwegian videos, join the Norwegian forums and get useful resources for learning Norwegian. Don’t know where to start? Head over to the Premium homepage and discover some of the content on the site. Make sure to subscribe to Learn Norwegian Naturally’s newsletter to be updated! Velkommen!

Main content you get on Learn Norwegian Naturally (everything is free):

  • Access to over 90 recordings where I or others read Norwegian news articles while you can read along. The articles are from one of Norway’s most popular newspapers: VG.
  • Norwegian transcripts with English translations for every episode on Learn Norwegian Naturally’s Youtube-channel. The transcript (a text where you can read everything I say in the videos) and the English translation are placed next to each other in different colors, so that you easily can see the English translation of what you read in the transcript.
  • Expand your vocabulary with basic and advanced words. I record myself pronouncing the words and I include the inflection/conjugation depending on the word.
  • There are over 20 quizzes and interactive exercises to test your knowledge and see how many of the words you have learned.
  • Text comprehension. There are some Norwegian articles with comprehension questions at the end.
  • Forums where you can ask all questions you might have and interact with other members of the community.

Learn Norwegian Naturally

Learn Norwegian Naturally is an educational Youtube-series that hopefully will help you in your quest to learn Norwegian online and give you an insight into the Norwegian culture and history.

This series is suitable for anyone learning Norwegian, or wants to learn Norwegian.  The episodes are all in Norwegian and every episode has both Norwegian and English transcripts available to everyone for free.

Here are the episodes from the Youtube-channel:

  1. Introduction video
  2. Winter Olympics in 1994
  3. Oslofjorden (video about the Oslofjord)
  4. Political parties in Norway – part 1
  5. Political parties in Norway – part 2
  6. “Jeg synes” vs. “jeg tror”
  7. Norwegian tones/pitch accents 
  8. The famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch – part 1
  9. The famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch – part 2
  10. Norwegian winter and the constitution 
  11. Civil War Era In Norway and Sverre Sigurdsson
  12. Basic Norwegian Phrases and Words with Pronunciation
  13. Norwegian Listening and Pronunciation Practice – Read Along While I Speak – The Norwegian Language
  14. Describe Pictures in Norwegian
  15. Norwegian Grammar: Norwegian Nouns
  16. Norwegian Russ and Russetid
  17. Reading A Norwegian Text
  18. Norwegian Adjectives
  19. Norwegian Summer Vacation
  20. Interactive Norwegian Game
  21. Norwegian Colors
  22. Job Interview in Norway

If you have any questions regarding Norwegian or if you just want to chat/discuss with other language-interested people, don’t hesitate to participate in the forums.

Learn Norwegian Naturally also has a Facebook-community where you can practice more Norwegian and socially interact with the other members of the community.

Last note
Good luck with learning Norwegian! Work regularly and steadily, and suddenly you will know how to speak Norwegian fluently.

Best of luck,