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The goal of this website is to provide a free resource of high quality for people that want to learn Norwegian. On this website you can learn about Norwegian grammar, watch videos with Norwegian and English subtitles, expand your vocabulary, test your knowledge and more.  

Learn Norwegian – The Complete Guide

Many of the articles on this website are written as a series for beginners. If this is of interest to you, I recommend reading the articles in order. You can do so by going to Learn Norwegian – The Complete Guide

If you want to explore the content on this website by yourself, please see the following overview. 

Norwegian grammar

I have written several articles about Norwegian grammar. You can see the articles I have written in the list below. 

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Basic Norwegian

If you are just starting out learning Norwegian, I recommend checking out the following articles. In these articles, you will learn basic expressions and useful vocabulary that you definitely should learn if you don’t know it already. 

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Advanced Norwegian

I want to write more articles for advanced learners of Norwegian, but you can find a few articles below. If you are an advanced learner, I strongly recommend checking out the videos in the next section below. The level of many of these videos is very high.

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Videos with transcriptions and English translations

I have made many videos where I speak Norwegian about different topics. To give you the best experience with these videos, I have written transcripts of everything I say in Norwegian. You can also read a side-by-side English translation of all the transcripts on each video page.

Many of the videos also include a useful vocabulary list. You can find all the videos here.