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Learn Norwegian Naturally is a registered company that produces free content for people that want to learn Norwegian. Learn Norwegian Naturally is built around the idea that if you’re exposed to a language enough, and if you have access to the necessary resources to guide you along the way, you will learn to speak that language the natural and best way. Register here in order to participate in the forums.

The creator of Learn Norwegian Naturally, Peder B. Helland, holds the opinion that when you’re learning a new language, the most important thing is to immerse yourself as much as possible in your target language. My philosophy is exposure to your target language. To help you with this, Learn Norwegian Naturally has a lot of content available! The content is open for everyone, but you can participate in the forums and learn more if you register (yes, everything is free).





    • Audio recordings of native Norwegians reading Norwegian articles from the popular newspaper VG (currently over 90 recordings). 
    • Basic and advanced words with audio. Learn two Norwegian words by seeing the English translation, listening to how I pronounce the words and reading a sentence where the word is used (+an English translation of the sentence). 
    • Norwegian transcripts with English translations of all episodes (side-by-side translations) on Learn Norwegian Naturally. More episodes will come! The video is embedded right above the two texts, which means that you can watch/listen to the video while you’re reading the Norwegian transcript or the English translation of what I say. The two texts are in colored boxes like this, so it’s easy to separate them from each other.
    • Quizzes and interactive exercises to test your skills. There are currently over 20 quizzes and interactive exercises that you can take as many times as you want. You are told afterwards how many correct answers you had. Many of these quizzes are meant to test your vocabulary (words that you hopefully have learnt from the basic and advanced categories). 
    • Norwegian sentences. Audio recordings of different Norwegian sentences at normal speed, then at a much lower speed. The speed then gradually increases. This is meant to improve your pronunciation and also give you the opportunity to hear all the sounds in the different words (this can be difficult when you listen at normal speed).
    • Text comprehension – Norwegian texts with comprehension questions at the end. There are currently 5 Norwegian texts with comprehension questions at the end to test how much you understood.
    • Participate in the forums. The forums at Learn Norwegian Naturally are usually very active and a place to meet other people learning Norwegian, exchange knowledge and have a great time!



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