Norwegian Question Words with Pronunciation


In this short lesson you are going to learn the most common Norwegian question words. You can also hear how they are pronounced by a native Norwegian. The words we are going to learn are who, what, where, why, which and how. 


Norwegian question words with pronunciation

Who Hvem
What Hva
Where Hvor
Why Hvorfor
Which Hvilken, hvilket, hvilke
How Hvordan


Here are some examples where I have used the Norwegian question words:

Where do you come from? Hvor kommer du fra?
What do you like to do? Hva liker du å gjøre?
How do you do that? Hvordan gjør du det? 


In this short article we have learned the most common Norwegian question words. These will be very useful, so feel free to take some extra time here and work with the words. Click on the audio players in order to listen to how a native Norwegian pronounces the words (me).

We have learned a lot of things and I think it’s time to make some Norwegian sentences! Click here to go the next lesson in the course and make some sentences.

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