Norwegian Colors With Pronunciation

In this article you will learn many colors in Norwegian and listen to how a native Norwegian pronounces them. The colors we are going to look at today are black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink.

Video about Norwegian colors

The first thing I would recommend doing in order to learn the Norwegian colors, is to watch the video I made about the subject. The audio is in Norwegian but I have made subtitles in both Norwegian and English that you can turn on. You can also check out the transcript and translation of the episode here. If you want to listen to the pronunciation of each color separately, you can do that further down in this article.

Norwegian colors with pronunciation

Black Svart
 White  Hvit
 Red  Rød
 Yellow  Gul
 Green  Grønn
 Blue  Blå
 Orange  Oransje
 Pink  Rosa

Interactive exercise

Test your knowledge with this interactive quiz.

Conclusion & next article

In this article you have learned the most common colors in Norwegian and how to pronounce them. If you think some of the words are difficult to pronounce, listen to my recordings multiple times and practice for yourself. Good luck!

Any questions? Always remember that the Norwegian forums are here to help you along the way. All questions can be posted there.

Several of the colors we have looked at include letters you might not be familiar with. You might ask yourself: how is the Norwegian alphabet? Let’s continue our language adventure and we will learn the Norwegian letters! Are you in? Er du med?

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