Basic Norwegian Expressions And Words With Pronunciation

Let’s start this course by learning some basic Norwegian expressions and words. You can hear how they’re pronounced in the video below.


Basic Norwegian expressions and words

Hi Hei
Thanks Takk
Thank you very much Tusen takk (literally: a thousand thanks)
You’re welcome Bare hyggelig (literally: just nice)
What’s your name? Hva heter du?
My name is… Jeg heter…/Mitt navn er…
How old are you? Hvor gammel er du
I am … years old. Jeg er … år.

Video with pronunciation

Study the examples above and try to memorize them – they’re certainly important in the Norwegian language. Here you can hear how the phrases and words are pronounced  (or you can click here: Basic Norwegian Phrases and Words with Pronunciation):


Got it? Then click on the following the link to see if you have learned anything: Basic Norwegian Phrases Exercises. Come back to this window after you’ve done the interactive exercise.

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