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Norwegian television

  • Watch Norwegian television. Here is a list of all available programs on NRK (Norway’s official television channel) if you live outside of Norway. If you live in Norway, you can watch all of NRK’s programs here. If you want to watch television programs for kids, take a look here (you can watch those programs in foreign countries as well).

Norwegian newspapers

  • Here are some of the most famous newspapers in Norway: VG, Aftenposten, Dagbladet and Dagens Næringsliv.
  • Klar Tale is a Norwegian news site where you can hear an automated voice read all the articles for you. Just click on Start at the top after Opplesning.

Norwegian Youtube-channels

Here are some Norwegian Youtube-channels where they are speaking Norwegian in their videos + other channels that teach Norwegian.

Learn Norwegian:
Crienexzy, NorwegianClass101MichelleAlexandra1, AMERiNORGE and thomasthenorgescone.

Popular gaming channels:
Noobwork, Addexio and PrebzOgDennis.

Vlogging/talking/comedy channels:
ThatNorwegianGuyGlittergirls, MrLieFilmsDailyVloggersTVEmilie Nereng & Sophie Elise Isachsen.

Television and networks:
TVNorge, NRK, TV2, TV3 and Nordic Screens.

Norwegian resources

  • NTNU’s Norwegian on the Web.
  • Here’s a site, called Verbling, where you can practice oral Norwegian with native speakers (don’t know how many Norwegian users there are, but you may try).

Facebook groups


  • Practice nynorsk with Språkrådet’s exercises here.

Norwegian Courses

What resources do you use to learn Norwegian? Any recommendations?