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Learn Norwegian online

Welcome to the land of knowledge, discussion and reflections where you can learn Norwegian. On this page you can easily find some of the different sections where you can learn Norwegian on Learn Norwegian Naturally. I’d definitely recommend to subscribe to my newsletter in order to stay updated and receive exclusive content! To navigate the site, you can click on the category you want below (either on the photos or the text – there are more categories below the photos):

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How can you learn Norwegian?

Do you want to learn Norwegian but you have no idea about where to start, how to progress, where to find content etc.? I definitely understand that it can be difficult, but I want to share with you that I want to help you. I want to see you succeed in learning Norwegian online. I am very committed to this project and will do everything to help you in your language adventure. That’s the reason for all of the articles I have written and am currently writing. That’s the reason for the videos I have uploaded to Learn Norwegian Naturally’s Youtube-channel. That’s the reason for the Norwegian forums where I will answer all your questions as best as I can and correct your Norwegian sentences.

Learning a new language can certainly be overwhelming. Where should you start? What should you focus on? How can you progress as fast as possible and be capable of speaking your target language naturally? We’ve now touched upon the very core of my vision with Learn Norwegian Naturally. I want to teach you how to speak Norwegian naturally. I want you to feel comfortable speaking and writing Norwegian. That is the ultimate mission of this website and Youtube-series.

Why should you learn Norwegian?

There are countless reasons for learning Norwegian. Firstly, Norway is in my eyes a beautiful country with a diverse culture and history. Although Norwegians and Scandinavians in general are capable of speaking English, it’s something entirely different to be able to communicate with someone in their native language.  These are some of my reasons for encouraging you to learn Norwegian:

1. Norwegian, Swedish and Danish

If you learn Norwegian, you also understand both Swedish and Danish quite well. There are obviously some differences in words, pronunciation and expressions, but if you have good control of Norwegian you will understand spoken Swedish and written Danish easily in most cases. You can also understand written Swedish and spoken Danish, but that’s in my opinion a bit more difficult (especially spoken Danish…).

2. Norwegian literature

By learning Norwegian, you can enjoy Norwegian literature in Norwegian. No more need for English, French, Spanish etc. translations of the classics in Norwegian literature for you! Henrik Ibsen, Sigrid Undset and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson are some of your classic choices when it comes to classic Norwegian literature. If you’re a more modern reader, you might have heard about the famous Norwegian author Jo Nesbø as well.

3. Job possibilities

The job market is good in Norway with high salaries and low unemployment rates. If you want a job in Norway, it’s often required that you must know how to speak and write Norwegian fluently. Don’t worry – by using all the resources on this website that have been released and that will be released, plus asking me all the questions you want about the Norwegian language and let me correct your Norwegian, I am sure you’ll handle that well!

4. Norwegian music

Wouldn’t it have been cool to understand what they say in your favourite Norwegian songs? There are many famous black metal bands in Norway if you’re into that genre of music.

5. Norwegian landscape, tourism and attractions

I think Norway is a great country to visit if you’re planning your holidays. Impress your friends, your family and/or the native Norwegians by being able to speak Norwegian!

Are you ready to start learning Norwegian online?

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start learning Norwegian? I hope you are. I also hope you ask all the questions you have either in the forums or in the comment section of posts, and I’ll give you my best answer. There are some links at the top of this post where you can choose what you want to learn more about. I’d recommend to start there and choose what best fits your level and interests.

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I wish you all the best and good luck with your Norwegian adventure! I am looking forward to receive your Norwegian questions if you have any.

Snakkes! 🙂

Best wishes,
Peder B. Helland